A very wise woman by the name of  Maya Angelou once said, “IF you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

At the age of 19, I became a store Administrator/People’s manager in one of the largest fast food chain company in the world- McDonald’s . Fast forward to a year later and I quit, this was one of the hardest decisions that I have ever had to make in my life, but one that was necessary.

It was right after i finished college, during this period, I was working Monday – Friday in a marketing firm ( Direct Source Marketing in Waterloo) and on Saturdays I would work in McDonalds, and I remember that saturday walking into the store and everyone telling me that we have a new boss. Now, every three to four years McDonald’s like to switch or change store managers around so that people don’t get used to having one manager for too long.

I remember meeting my new boss and him asking me about myself, when my file  was placed right in front of him on the desk, which I found strange to be honest,nonetheless, I  answered all his line of interrogations. His response was, “I know you are young and inexperienced but would you like to be an admin?”, my answer was “why”.

  • why would he choose me over someone who is more qualified to fill the role?
  • why would he choose me when no one even takes me serious in the first place
  • why me, when I’m not ready for such responsibility.

Under his management I have learnt so many valuable skills that I will apply to my own business and personal life.

  • you will never know what you are cable of until you un-tap your potential that is trapped inside of you.
  • comfort zone is a danger zone, always have the zeal to achieve more, maximise your potential.
  • leadership is not about age, it something that you have or you do not have.
  • the fruit of a true leader is manifested in his/her absence.
  • always be open minded to learn from people that you manage, learn to lead and allow others to lead you when necessary.

It wasn’t easy to quit  but it was worth it, after 3 years of hard labour and opposition  I felt tired, I no longer had the passion for the job, every time I would go to work, I would always count the hours until it is home time. I wanted to do more than I was doing, the more I worked, the more I felt like McDonal’s was fast becoming a barrier and stressful.

Dr Myles Munroe, once said that nothing will send someone to the grave quicker than a job that they don’t like or hate.When you are no longer interested in a job, your title and position becomes irrelevant , trust me. But  I must say,  I’m so grateful that I had people around me that supported my decision to quit, and those that didn’t, they  made me question my decision, which I  found to be a good thing.

Always follow your heart and pray for every decision that you make. And remember your happiness is far more important than any job you could occupy.


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