With summer fast approaching..well it looks like it is and we pray that is is, nothing is more important then that clear face because your makeup is only as good as the condition of your skin. If your like me and drink plenty of water but you still find yourself in constant war with your skin then this is for you. This Indian Healing Clay and Apple Cinder Vinegar has literally been God sent for me, when you put it on your face, you can feel it pulling the impurity out of skin.


Because I have sensitive skin I was try to keep all my skin care product as little as possible, I try to use the this clay mask once per week but this does not always go as planned. The only face wash that I use is the Neutrogena Visibly clear face wash, it is lightly fragranced and I love how clean it leaves my skin feeling.


Coconut oil has been known to be popular for its many uses and beneficial properties that it contains, just like everyone else I love it because of its many benefits. Not only do I use it to moisturise my hair and face, but i also use it to wipe off all my make up, and I find that each time, it works far more better than anything that I have tried and I have been doing this for almost a year now. I rub the coconut oil all over my face and use facial wipes – ST IVES Apricot face wipes to wipe off the make-up. Bang, and all the dirt is gone.




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