I’m fine, thanks. 

But what I really want to say but I am not really saying is that no, I am not fine. I feel :

  •  Like my heart is torn to pieces and I feel defeated
  • I feel rejected  and on the verge of tears
  • I feel worthless and unable

At times we put so much energy and focus on building an exterior outlook that would convince people that we are fine,when in reality we feel empty, crushed and everything around us is not ‘fine’.

We have all been there before, maybe for some of us, we are experiencing that feeling right now. When you feel like crying but your tears refuses to come out, you want to open your mouth to speak and express yourself but  words are not enough to actually describe how you feel.

laying on your bed surrounded by darkness and the silence of the night, exposed to your own thoughts, the countless unseen tears you shed, the constant pressure to depict yourself as strong and independent because you are ‘a man’, or because you are a grown woman and ‘big girls don’t cry’.

Well forget the stereotypes that we are fed, know that it is okay to to be emotional, to cry and to ask for help when it is needed. You are not a robot, you are a human being, don’t let people’s perception and the fear of judgement prevent you from feeling what you feel and expressing it. Even if it means expressing those thoughts to yourself only, go ahead and do that, you owe that to yourself. We should all make it our job to learn how  to un-dress the compressed emotions buried deep within our hearts.

Credit: image taken from Google.


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