I have literally been itching to share with you all, all the lovely products I am using ( although some are products that i find myself purchasing over and over again) with that being said, let us begin.


Razac Hand & Body Lotion

I have been using this product for as long as I can remember, the consistency of this product and the smell is absolutely amazing, if you find yourself combating dry skin, then this is the product for you.

Bio Oil, not only does this help with reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars, but it is also effective in mosistursing the skin, i usually massage it all over my body after showering and before creaming my skin.

OMBIA shower creme is one of my newest product, which was gifted to me by my mother, i love how it cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling moisturised and smooth.


Neutrogena Visibly Clear is the only face wash that I use, as I try to refrain from using too many products on my skin, this product has really helped in clearing up my skin.


The Make-Up Revolution Oil controlling and Illuminating fixing spray is to die for, not only is it a staple product but it works really well in controlling oil and illuminating the face.




Maybline Brow Mascare ( in Dark brown) | SURE roll on deodorant | Carex skin wipes|


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