If your like me, then I know that you have at least that one item in your wardrobe that has been through thick and thin with you, and for me, this beautiful crocodile skin leather bag would be the one, a definite must have essential piece, I just love  how this bag adds a sense  easiness to this outfit.


We all know how  tiring Monday mornings can be, and the truth is most of us, we feel unbothered about this – still feeling sleepy. However, it is just one of those things whereby you have to  get a grip and get on with it. If you are a student and you are imposed with nine O’clock  lectures, then you understand that the struggle is real !

I was in such a rush that I literally had to find something really quick to throw on, so I  decided to wear something that is  comfortable and  effortless yet still stylish, and  what’s a casual outfit without a pop of red lipstick? .

Leather Jacket: TopShop | Top: Burskha | Ripped ankle grazer jeans : TopShop | Trainers : Addidas Superstar (PS it was a present)  | Leather skin bag : Burskha.


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