The mind (soul) is one of the most powerful organ within the human body and one that we often neglect to nurture and protect, the mind is the essence of who we really are, where we live and have our existence. The mind is so powerful that it has total control over our body. Hence why nothing  will change  until we change  our attitude and the ways in which we  perceive things, we can change our entourage, buy mansions, designer clothes and whatever you can think of, but nothing will change until our mind changes.

It is without doubt that bad things happen to us all which is the circle of life, lets not allow things that our beyond our control such as bad experiences and misfortune determine who we are now, tomorrow- days, weeks, months and years to come.scientists have proven that everyday the human brain develops new cells in the brain, which means that we have the capacity to renew our mind.

Dr Caroline l Leaf once said that,You are designed to stand outside yourself and observe your own thinking and change it.

My challenge of the day is for you to go out and the business that you’ve always wanted and if its a job that makes you unhappy  then quit ( Ps, find another job first,I don’t want you to be unemployed) but above all be happy.

I could really go on but I’ll stop here for now but have a blessed week  everyone

XX  Marie


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