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Acne is something that almost everyone has experienced in their life, or will at one point experience. According to the NHS review acne is very common amongst  young adults and adolescents  with 95%  those aged between 11-30 being affected.  However, “In some cases, acne can continue into adult life. About 3% of adults have acne over the age of 35“.

Typically acne is divided into two categories: inflammatory and non-inflammatory.

There are many things that can contribute to acne breakouts, from poor diet, hormonal unbalance, blocked follicle glands and the environments, as well as,  genetics.

Personally I tend to get inflammatory acne. Whereby the spots are red and swollen, the maddening thing about these type of stops is that they can be sore and itchy. What is more frustrating is the fact that I cannot pop it  or scratch it.

How I am learning to maintain and manage the outbreaks.

The first step in my opinion is understanding your skin type. I used to think that I had an oily t-zone and combination skin – turned out my skin is in fact oily. I discovered this when I went to have a microdermabrasion to reduce the inflammation and gently exfoliate my skin (I may do a post on this)

One of my major issue was that I didn’t  really have a suitable  skin routine, I was also using products that are not for my skin type. As someone with oily skin that is prone to acne/blemish, i need to use water-based or gel-based products. As they are absorbed faster in the skin, because  they are lighter in texture, compared to using oil based products which can cause inflammation.

I remember when I used to lather my face with oil, without realising that adding oil to my skin was only engorging pores, thus creating a breeding space for acne-causing bacteria. As the skin glands/pores begin to clog, the skin is under pressure from all the build up from bacteria and oils, causing swelling, irritation and hyper pigmentation (more prominent on black skin)  as a result.

To prevent manage my skin, I now have a skin care routine suitable for my skin type that I religiously follow. 

Current routine:

daily exfoliator: Neutrogena ® Refreshingly Clear Daily Exfoliator with pink grapefruit & vitamin C. Purifies for cleaner radiant skin. For blemish-prone skin.

Face wash: Neutrogena ® Refreshingly Clear Facial Wash with pink grapefruit & vitamin C. Cleanses for clearer radiant skin. For blemish-prone skin

cleanser:  Medik8 Clarifying Foam 

Toner: The Ordinary glycolic acid toner

Face Mask: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

Serum: Tea Tree Anti-imperfection daily solution

Moisturiser : Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream





NHS Review (23/10/20190




last week Friday was fantastic, celebrating another beautiful day with my  beautiful friend, who recently just turned  22 years old. We all spent the evening at Big Easy, she wanted us to all dress in smart casual et Viola, a JUMPSUIT.

I love jumpsuits because it is one of those items in your wardrobe that you can always dress up or down, depending on the occasion and how you feel in the moment.

From its uprise in the early 1920s to now, it is easy to see why jumpsuits have managed to transcend to the street-style. Which we can also argue that it is possible that Jumpsuits are transitioning itself from fashion statement pieces like in the 80s to wardrobe staples or rather shall I say, fashion staples.


First of all the details on this jumpsuit is insane, the jumpsuit has a belt made from the same material as the jumpsuit, which accentuates the waist as the  jumpsuit is fitted from the stomach to the boob area.

There is also cuts on the sides of the ribcage of the jumpsuit which you cannot see in this picture, and it flares on the legs, which I paired with a cropped black blazer, old oversized earnings and a black bag. With Gold heels and a Gold watch and my hair pulled into a low ponytail.



Jumpsuit – Burskha   | Cropped Biker Jacket – Pull & Bear   | Bag – New Look    |Heels – Linzi   | watch – TK MAX


Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.36.43.png

It feels great to finally breathe again !!

I am no longer under academic obligations, I  no longer  feel guilty for doing  exactly what I want to do.

It feels great knowing that I do not have to worry about preparing for class, working on any assignments or revisions. At the same time, I miss having a proper routine but like everything, I must now journey into the world of grown ups.

It is terrifying knowing that from now onwards every decision that I make will have substantial impact on my future. Nonetheless, it is an exciting journey that I must venture into and discover what God has in store for me .

After taking off some needed time away from blogging and other things to focus on my  final year, I am happy to start writing again.

BTW, this was my first networking event after graduating, I wanted to go for a look that was simple and casual.






Jeans – Topshop  | Shoes – New Look| bodysuit – River Islands  |  Blazer – Aliexpress


christine cain

Just before the year, I started reading again one of the most heart breaking yet beautifully crafted real life story of Christine Caine, in “undaunted: Daring to do What God calls you. What was so beautiful about the story is that we see a woman that was unwanted at birth, she had no name, just a birth number which became her identity. She was unqualified and abandoned, as well as, being sexually abused, a woman who has had such a drastic life filled with so much tragic events and painful experiences. As I continued to read on, on how she was able to overcome her fears, and the trauma of abandonment and never really feeling like she belonged anywhere and the void of never having a place to call home.


In that very moment I realised that God will sometimes assign you for a mission and in order for you to be able to affectively deliver and relate to that specific mission, you will sometimes have to go through some life changing circumstances and perhaps despicable experiences.


“God deliberately chooses imperfect vessels — those who have been wounded, those with physical or emotional limitations. Then he prepares them to serve and sends them out with their weakness still in evidence, so that his strength can be made perfect in that weakness.”

Christine Caine, Undaunted: Daring to do What God calls you


Christine also talks about the importance of forgiving people that have abused her, “When it happens over a long period of time, you then begin to think it’s happening because of who you are. So I grew up feeling a lot of rejection, shame, insecurity, fear, and anger. Over the years I’ve had to fight to renew my mind to a place where I understand at the core of my being that Jesus is trustworthy”.


Christine Caine further elaborates on the fact that:

When you’re abused, you shut down and think you’re used goods. You think God could never really do anything with your life. You can hear a thousand sermons on destiny and purpose and God having a plan for your life—plans for good and not for evil—but if you come at that with a shame-based nature, then deep down you can never believe God could use you. It certainly has been the fight of my life to get to the place of trusting God to redeem the broken pieces of my past for his glory.

Christine Caine


It was essential for Christine to learn how to forgive people that have hurt her in the past, I know human nature can at times make it almost impossible for us to forgive. Especially when we have to face the people that hurt us every day, particularly when you are reminded of the despicable things that they have done to you, but we must always try our very best to forgive. Like the saying goes, forgiveness is not for those who hurt us but forgiveness is for us because when we forgive we are choosing to free ourselves and move on.


First and foremost, I would like to just say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I trust that all is well with you, I had a great crossover service at church yesterday and for me there is no better way of starting the year then to be in prayer and in the presence of God.


2017 had many challenges but God came through as always and the end of the year was great:

  • I resigned from my position as a store Administrator/People’s Manger at McDonald’s, whilst  the experience at times proved to be problematic, nonetheless, it was a great experience and I had the chance to learn from some of the best people in the business ( Thank you, Jean).
  • Within the same month of resigning, I found a job that not only pays more but it also allows me to be more productive.
  • I worked with a few  magazine and news editors, I absolutely loved it and I hope to do more of it after graduation.
  • I met some really cool  and interesting people
  • most importantly my walk with God is improving and I’m more passionate about building my own relationship with God, understanding who Jesus Christ is for ME.

HELL 2018!!

So 2018 is finally here and its a new opportunity to accomplish everything that you didn’t in 2017, also its another opportunity to do things differently and try out new things.


  • we’re going after everything that we want
  • getting more organised and managing time more effectively
  • doing more placements and securing that job.



Top: boohoo| Jeans : TopShop| Over the knee heeled boots: Linzi.



Merry Christmas everyone and I trust that you and your family had a good festive day filled with nothing put happiness and love. Thank you so much for all your wishes, and generally checking on me, everything is going well.

I had an email from Sabrina, Sabrina basically wanted to know what I have learnt in 2017. I have of course let many things, but I will briefly highlight on what I have learnt throughout the year, I believe that it is important for us to reflect on how the year went and really detox. Detox in all area of your life, whether it being physically, mentally or spiritually, so if you are reading this then Sabrina GIRLLLL I GOT YOU!!! XX.

So here I am answering some of Sabrina’s and other people’s questions that I received in, from an overall observation view point:


  • Learning to give myself credit when it is due, I’m often very hard on myself and especially when I do something wrong but I’m always feeling bad to acknowledge when I have worked hard  and the results come out great.
  • Learning to say no without feeling bad about it or changing my mind, those who know me personally know that I struggle with this even when I am in the right to say no.
  • I can be quite forgetful at times and this, as a result, has at time caused some tension with people around me, because it’s frustrating for them, as at times it seems intentional or careless, when its actually accidental, but this shouldn’t be an excuse so we’re deficiently working harder on this.



We need to stop being enablers, speaking for myself I have the tendency to make excuses for people around me as to why they can’t even do the bare minimum, and I realized that I sometimes encourage certain behaviors that are not good simply by remaining silent. For example, I really had to distance myself from my ‘friends’ who only remembered my existence if only I called or checked on them, I understand that we’re all busy but if you have time to be on your phone and social media, then you definitely have time for people that you ‘care’ about. I’m always going the extra mile for people that would not do the same for me, I take full responsibility for enabling bad habits, but thanks to my mother and sister, these people are no longer in my life like that. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with them but I will not be breaking my back for people that cannot do the same for me, a friendship is a two-way thing, a give and take, not just a take, take. Only invest in people that bring substance into your life not suck you dry.





Some people may agree and others may disagree with me which is perfectly fine but in 2018:

  • We’re not dating men who are emotionally unavailable or only speak to us when it’s convenient for them.
  • If he only acknowledges you not because he is with you but because he feels that he has you and he only lifts a finger, when he feels like you are about to leave, then sissssssssss he has to go.
  • Trust your intuition, if you feel like something is off about the relationship then, perhaps there is something off.
  • Don’t get into ‘situation-ships’ because you deserve better than that.
  • Also remember that whatever you accept in the early stages of your relationship, then that is what you are potentially accepting in long terms, as my mother always say to my sister and I to “never let a man tell you something more than once”.



  • Honestly, no job under any circumstances is worth you killing yourself, you can easily be replaced, even if the money is good, your health is far more important.
  • Nothing will send you to the grave quicker than a job that you hate, if you need to change your job or career then do it if it is necessary.
  • Sometimes you have to start low and work yourself up, sometimes just put your pride aside and worrkkkkkkkkk.





Hey, hey, heyyyy!

I’m back at it again, and you are probably tired of me posting and disappearing for a while and coming back and disappearing again, but if I’m completely honest with you, this is how it is going to be until next year May.

The last couple months has without doubt been challenging, specifically speaking from the month of October up until last week, I was literally having emotional break down, I know that some people get extremely stressed out when they are in their final year of university, but the way that I was stressed was unbelievable, I cannot even begin to describe it. I literally had random emotional break down, I felt like I knew nothing when I did, my motivational level went down the hill. What made it worse was the fact that in my uni, placement is only available for final years (for my course anyway, not sure about the others) on top of my other issues, I also had to  worry about getting the right placement on time (i started looking for placement since May of this year), whilst working on my dissertation and my other 5 modules for this term.

IMG_0964It just got to the point where I  had to catch myself and remind myself that my mental health is far more important than anything else, because I cannot be or perform at my best if I’m mentally exhausted or if I’m always feeling tired and ill because of my lack of sleep and my odd eating habits that I developed in the past couple months.

Sometimes we get so trapped into our uncertainties that all our attentions become fixated on all the things that are not going the ways that we want them to go, that we overlook and forget to acknowledge all of the good things that are happening to us and around us.


I had to remind myself that:

  • I am not defined by my current situations,
  • My self-worth as an individual is not measured by my external actions (academic performance, appearance and approval from others, relationships) but rather on who I am as a person and the ways that I view myself, not what I do.
  • I am working in my time zone, things are falling into place when it is my time, the ways that I learn and deal with issues is different to how another personal may tackle it.
  • University is important, for obvious reasons but it is never that deep, I cannot come and kill myself over.





I had the pleasure of seeing Toni at work, who is actually dyslexic herself, despite this she has remained undaunted. Dyslexia is more common than we actually think, statistics has estimated that 1 in every 10 to 20 people in the uk has some degree of dyslexia. Being dyslexic does affect your level of intelligence, as it does not make you stupid, all it means is that when it comes to learning you have specific difficulties. These learning difficulty can vary from spelling, writing to reading.

IMG_0458This is right before the event started, I just had to capture the moment when no one was watching, (sorry Toni) and the event was hosted at Metro Bank.



Although I wouldn’t classify myself as dyslexic, I do struggle with some of these symptoms:

  • I read very slow
  • I can be very forgetful
  • sometimes when I’m reading I say letters that are not in the word (s)
  • I find it hard to follow sequence of directions

IMG_0459I therefore think its important to learn the symptoms to these types of learning difficulties, so that  we can recognise it, because this will put us in a better position to support and assist those that are affected with these learning difficulties. As opposed to treating people that suffer with learning difficulties as though they are stupid when in reality they are not, which is a common treatment in many communities, it is not nice as it reduces people’s confidence and self-esteem.

let us all learn, so we can do better.IMG_0454


Hey cupcake, hope your day went well, I posted these pictures on my snap and I had some questions on how I take care of my hair, so I thought I might as well just do a post on my natural hair journey.

I stopped relaxing my hair when I was in year 10, and the reason why I chopped off all my hair was because I was actually inspired by one of my female cousin. My sister and I, we went over to her house for a sleepover and she took off her wig and baby girl had long hair and it was really healthy and think, and I looked at my hair which was long too but unhealthy and damaged, let me tell you my edges were almost non existent  because of all the relaxers I was using and not really taking care of my hair as well. This is not to say that women shouldn’t relax their hair, but as for me looking at my hair from how it was to now, I would not go back to relaxing my hair.Having natural hair is not easy especially if you have a busy schedule and it is expensive but what’s under my wig is far more important to me than the wig itself. 

It had been 3 months since I have stated to really take care of my hair, I mean like consistently taking care of it, by making sure that: 

  1. My hair is moisturised and not dry as this can cause hair breakage 
  2. Getting  my hair steamed, this allows my hair follicles to open up and for blood to flow better.
  3. Getting my hair blow dryed professionally every month. This really stretches my hair and ensures that all the new growths are not stuck at the bottom, I know that you can stretch it without heat but I prefer this method.
  4. I try to only use products that are silicon, Ammonia, Parabean and sulphate free, as these ingredient cause dryness. 

I can really see the difference to my hair, as my hair is longer and healthier.


Hey everyone, I hope your all doing well.

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but the truth is that lately I have not been feeling like myself. I know it may sound strange but I have been feeling a sense of loss of connection within myself, I realised that I have become quite negative in terms of how I see things sometimes, and I have started to complain about many things in my life currently. I don’t know if this is because so much has been happening in my life lately both personally and academically.

But sometimes when I seat down, especially in the last few months, I have become so fixated with things that have not been working or are not working in my life right now, that i almost ignore the ones that are working. Sometimes I get so fustrated and feel like screaming I don’t F****** deserve this sh** and cry my eyes out.

At times I find it difficult to really express how I feel, I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I’m currently stuck between crying and stressed, I have randomly been feeling a sense of loneness and stress. I guess it is difficult for people to understand when they are used to seeing you happy and upbeat, but even when you are  surrounded by people that love and care for you, we can still all experience it.

And today has without doubt been one of the most stressful day that I’ve ever experienced, I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed, I just felt like everything was just going wrong, I felt a mixture of emotions all at once.